Nutella French Toast Roll Ups

These are quick and easy to make Nutella French Toast Roll Ups. Its a great breakfast treat or after school snack or  can be packed in a lunch box.  My kids LOVE Nutella, but they do not like french toast. This is the best way to feed picky eaters like mine with their favorite chocolate spread inside the roll ups. 

This recipe goes to  day 3 of Week 2, under the theme "Cooking on Tawa". If you like you can even chop some strawberries / raspberries / banana or any other fruit and place the fruit slices on top of nutella and then roll the bread before cooking on tawa / skillet. So that your family gets some of  those extra nutrients from fruits and eggs.  Here goes the recipe.......


Bread slices 4
Egg 1
Milk 4 spoons
Sugar 4 spoons
Cinnamon powder 1 spoon
Nutella 1/2 cup


Cut the edges of the bread slices and keep aside.
Using rolling pin roll each bread slices to become thinner.
Now spread nutella on each bread slice and roll it.
Break down  egg in a bowl, add milk and beat it well.
Now heat non stick pan / skillet and add butter to melt, spread it all around the skillet.
Dip each rolled bread in egg mixture and place it on skillet to cook.
Flip or turn the rolls to cook on all the sides.
While the toasts/ rolls are cooking mix sugar and cinnamon in a plate.
Once the toasts are cooked on all the sides remove and coat them well with sugar and cinnamon mixture.
Serve hot with cup of coffee or milk.

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Gayathri Kumar said...

These roll up sound so delicious. No kid will ever say no to nutella..

Harini R said...

Good one, Sushma.

Pavani said...

This is something my kids would really love to eat.

cookingwithsapana said...

The french toast looks very inviting.