Mango Basil Seed Juice

Mango is my favorite fruit and anything with mango is heaven to me. Today  I will be preparing

 simple yet refreshing drink with mango and basil seeds. Basil seeds are high in fiber, improves

 digestive health, aid in weight loss, cools the body and reduces inflammation. Adding these seeds to

 juice or yogurt  helps in reducing the body heat. So how about making mango juice with

 some sabja seeds to cool  and refresh your body?  Here I am using store bought mango pulp, where

 it has added sugars in it. So skip adding sugar if you are using readymade pulp. 

This recipe goes to Week 4 Day 3 of Blogging Marathon 133 under the theme " Summer Special -

 Mangoes ".


Mango pulp 1 cup

Water 1.5 cup

Lime juice  1tsp

Sabja seeds / basil seeds 1 tsp

Sugar 1 tbsp  ( optional )


Soak sabja seeds or basil seeds in 1/4 cup water until they bloom up.

In a blender add mango pulp and water, blend to smooth to puree.

Add more water as per the consistancy you are looking for.

I am not adding sugar here as the store bought canned pulp has enough sugar for this juice.

Now add lime juice some ice cubes, soaked basil seeds, mix well and serve.

Serve chilled.

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vaishali sabnani said...

Mango is my favourite fruit too and we love everything with it. This juice looks so refreshing, just perfect for the summers.

Radha said...

Love love love this mango drink! Adding sabja seeds adds to the cooling power. Great idea and great recipe!

Srivalli said...

What a lovely colour to the drink Sushma...I would love to enjoy this now!