Ragi Roti ~~ Finger Millet Roti

Finger millet, according to Wikipedia it  is a native to the Ethiopian and Ugandan highlands. Ragi or Finger millet is a whole grain that is gluten free and a staple food in South India. It is rich in fiber that helps with weight loss and diabetes. It is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereals. Its packed with calcium, ammino acids and Vitamin D. Ragi flour is prepared by either crushing dried grains or spouting. 

Today's recipes if a healthy and yummy roti with Finger Millet / Ragi.  This recipe goes to week 2 day 3 of Blogging Marathon 94 under the theme " Millet Recipes".


Finger Millet / Ragi Flour  1 cup
Wheat flour 1 cup
Salt to taste


In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients and mix them well.
Add little water at a time to make it a  smooth dough.
Cover and set aside for 15 minutes.
Divide the dough into 8-10 portions.
Roll each dough portion using rolling pin giving it a round shape.
Heat non stick tawa and place the rolled roti on it.
Cook on both the sides adding some ghee or oil on top.
Serve hot with any curry or raita.

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Usha said...

Healthy roti. Ragi roti is a nice way to gradually introduce ragi in diet.

Pavani said...

That is a great idea to add ragi flour to make roti. Such healthy and nutritious meal, for sure.

Harini R said...

Very interesting roti. My friend adds 2 tbsp of ragi flour to a cup of wheat flour to make rotis. good one.

Priya Suresh said...

I just love adding ragi flour in most of my rotis, and this ragi rotis is my all time favourite.

Gayathri Kumar said...

Dough made with ragi is difficult to handle, but I love the idea of adding wheat flour. It would make shaping so much easier. Very nutritious rotis we can serve for kids.

Srivalli said...

This is a great roti to enjoy!...My mil often makes it for herself..good one..

Unknown said...

I have tried adding 1:2 ratio, but this equal ratio I am yet to try..This sounds very healthy.

code2cook said...

ragi roti is another great way to feed this nutritious ingredient. Healthy and power packed.