Drums of Heaven ( Restaurant Style )

Drums of heaven is a Indo Chinese dish prepared with chicken drumsticks. They are deep fried and 

 tossed in  sweet and spicy sauce. Its a lengthy process but believe me you will not regret once you

 prepare it and serve it to yourself and the  family. This is one of the recipe I tried during pandemic 

 last year. I serve it with some spicy hakka noodles. This is one of the dish we would definitely order

 when are dining at a Indo Chinese restaurant. 

This recipe goes to Week 3 Day 1 of Blogging Marathon 128 under the theme " Restaurant style

 dishes ".


Chicken Drumsticks 6

Soy Sauce 1 tsp

Green chili Sauce 1 tsp

Red chili sauce 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp

Ginger grated or chopped 1 tsp

Garlic chopped 1 tsp

Egg while of 1 egg

All purpose flour 4 tbsp

Corn flour  2 tbsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Oil for deep frying

For the sauce:

Oil 1 tbsp

Onions chopped 1/4 cup

Ginger chopped 1 tbsp

Garlic chopped 1 tbsp

Red chili sauce  3 tbsp

Ketchup 1 tsp

Soy sauce 1 tsp

Spring onions or green onions 1/4 cup


How to make the chicken drumstick into a lollipop shape, I just followed this video

 from You tube.

Wash the drumsticks thoroughly. 

Now marinate them with soy sauce, green chili sauce, red chili sauce, salt, pepper

 powder, ginger , garlic and egg whites.

Mix and coat the mixture nicely to the drumsticks and set them aside for 30-40


Preparing the sauce:

Lets prepare sauce while the drumsticks are marinating.

In a small bowl add  red chili sauce, ketchup, soy sauce combine them well and set


Ina deep pan or kadai heat oil till it starts smoking.

Add chopped onions, ginger and garlic, saute for a minute.

Add sugar and let it melt, now add salt, black pepper powder and the sauce mix ( red

 chili sauce, ketchup, soy sauce )

Mix everything, cook for few seconds and switch off flame.

Frying the Lollipops:

Heat oil in  deep frying pan.

Mix the marinated chicken once and  add maida and corn flour.

Mix thoroughly to coat the chicken well with the flour.

Do not add any water, otherwise the lollipops wont stay crisp.

Add the lollipops few at a time in hot oil and fry until they turn crisp and light brown.

Transfer them to paper towel.

Final process:

Now reheat the sauce with 1 tbsp water.

Add the fried lollipops and toss them well to coat the sauce evenly.

Garnish with chopped spring onions and serve hot.

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Radha said...

Looks amazing and delicious!

Suma Gandlur said...

Looks like you have perfected the dish.

Harini R said...

Such copy cat versions are well loved by the kids.