Breakfast Roll-Ups

Breakfast is the first and  important meal of the day. Make sure to get enough nutrients from what

 you eat. Today's recipes is one such healthy and quick dish that every age group will like it for sure. 

 This is a great dish to pack for your kids lunch boxes too. I am using home made rotis / chapati

 here. Alternatively you can also use  store bought  flour tortillas. 

This recipe goe sto Week 2 Day 3 of Blogging Marathon 133 under the theme " Kids Delight -

 Breakfast Recipes".


Tortilla / Chapati 2

Eggs 4

Spinach 2 cups

Salt to taste

Pepper powder 1 tsp

Oil 1 tsp


In a bowl break open 2 eggs and whisk them well, add salt and pepper.

Heat non stick pan, add some oil to grease the pan.

Add the egg mixture onto pan and spread it all over.

Now place the cooked tortilla or chapati on top of the egg mixture.

Let it cook for few seconds  then carefully flip it over to cook on the other side.

Remove and place it on a plate.

Top it with fresh spinach and roll the tortilla. 

Cut into half or 1 inch circles and serve.

You can add chopped onions, tomatoes or any other veggies along with spinach.

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Radha said...

This is a simple and nourishing breakfast! Great idea!

Harini R said...

A very popular breakfast in many homes. Nutritious and filling too.