Tomato rice

Hello Friends,
Firstly Happy Chirstmas to all the bloggers and all my friends.
This week's theme for the BM 23 is Special Theme - Revisiting the old with new picture. So for the 1st day its Tomato rice. Check for the original recipe here.
We need:

Tomatoes 2 large
Rice 2 cups
Mustard seeds 1/2 sp
Cumin seeds 1/2 sp
Chana dal 1 sp
Curry leaves 6
Red chillies 2
Green chillies 2
Chilli powder 1sp
Haldi 1/4 sp
Salt to taste
Cilantro chopped 1/2 cup
Ginger Garlic paste 1sp
Oil 1/4 cup


Cook rice and keep aside.
Heat large pan and add oil.
Now add mustard, cumin,chana dal,curry leaves and red chillies.
Saute and add green chillies and chopped tomatoes.
Now add ginger garlic paste, haldi, salt and chilli powder.
Cook till tomatoes are soften and are easily mashedup when you press them with spatula.
Now add cooked rice and mix well.
Look for taste and add salt if required.
Now add cilantro and mix well.
Serve hot as it is or with yogurt(curd)

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kitchen queen said...

delicious tomato rice.

Srivalli said...

Good one Sushma, can see the new one highlights the rice..

Rajani S said...

This is an easy to make lunch box rice!

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Delicious one pot meal....

Unknown said...

Simple, homey and very comforting!!!
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Sangeetha Nambi said...

Easy and flavored rice...

Priya Suresh said...

One of my family favourite, love with potato chips.

Chef Mireille said...

flavorful meal!!!

Suma Gandlur said...

Easy one to put together.

Pavani said...

Simple and delicious tomato rice.