Banana And Blueberry Muffins

Having a  healthy breakfast is a good start of the day and it is the  most important meal of the day. Today we are starting with 4th week of BM 55 and my theme for the week is Kids Delight - healthy breakfast. Don't know how  fussy your kids are but my kids very fussy in the mornings to have their breakfast. Often they have milk and cereal or a simple bread and jam  or a boiled egg for the  breakfast. Sometimes they skip everything and just have a glass of milk.

While thinking about this theme thought  why not make something with fruits which they like most. Found this Muffin Recipe on You tube while searching for healthy Muffins.  My kids love cupcakes and muffins. So made these delicious  and healthy banana and blueberry muffins to kick start their day.  Blueberries and banana  are packed with full of vitamin C and fiber.  I combined these 2 fruits to make  a healthy muffin. As the summer holidays are still going on for us, I made kids help me in baking these beautiful muffins. Just hand them 1 or 2 muffins if they do not have much time to eat them  at home. Easy to carry and easy to eat while they are on their way to school. This makes  you happy as they are having healthy breakfast and not skipping the important meal. Kids are also happy as they are getting what they like  in a healthy way. So here goes the yummy muffins for day 1.


Ripe banana 2 (3 /4 cup)
Wheat flour 1 cup
All purpose flour 3/4 cup
Blueberries  fresh / frozen 1 cup
Butter 1 stick / 1/2 cup
Baking soda 1 spoon
Sugar 1 cup
Salt 1/2 spoon
Eggs 2
Vanilla extract 1 spoon
Milk 1/3 cup


Preheat oven on 375 degrees F.
Mash banana with spoon or fork and keep aside.
In a large bowl lets combine all the dry ingredients.
Combine wheat flour, all purpose flour, baking soda and salt together.
In another large bowl or food processor add room temperature butter and sugar.
Cream butter and sugar well and break down 2 eggs and mix it again.
Now add milk and vanilla extract give it a stir and add 1/2 of the dry ingredients.
Mix it well and add banana pulp, mix it again.
Now add rest of the flour and combine everything together.
Now add fresh washed blueberries to the batter and mix it again.
Take  a muffin pan and arrange the  paper cups.
Scoop the batter and fill each cup, will make approx.. 12 muffins.

Bake for 15 to 18 minutes. 
Before removing from oven drop a toothpick to check the muffins are completely cooked.
Let the muffins cool down before serving.

Also sending this recipe to Srivalli's  Kids Delight event- Healthy breakfast hosted by Lavina Agarwal  for this month.


Sarita said...

Such a nice yummy breakfast..muffins looks tempting.

Srivalli said...

Muffins have baked so well..good one!

lavina agarwal said...

Wow the muffins look yummy and healthy with the goodness of banana and blueberries. .thanks for linking to our event dear :)

vaishali sabnani said...

The muffins are actually full of healthy stuff, perfect breakfast ! They look perfectly baked.

Pavani said...

Your blueberry muffins look so soft and delicious.

Sowmya :) said...

These muffins looks soft and tasty!