Nutella Hot Chocolate

Do you like chocolate? Who doesn't like chocolate, specially kids. My kids love chocolate in any form. Specially my daughter who is a big fan of Nutella.  Nutella is a delicious Hazelnut spread which contains skim milk and cocoa. 

Today we are starting with 2nd week of BM 55. My theme for the week is "Nutella Galore".And for day 1 am here with Nutella Hot Chocolate, which is perfect drink for kids and chocolate lovers. My son loves hot chocolate from Starbucks. So on his demand here is the Hot Chocolate with yummy Nutella. 


Milk 2 cups 
Nutella  1/2 cup
Chocolate chips 1 spoon
Vanilla extract 1/2 spoon
Whipping cream


In a pan add milk, nutella and stir it while  the heat is on.
Once the nutella is well incorporated in milk add vanilla extract and give it a stir.
Boil the milk for 5 to 8 minutes and switch of the flame.
Transfer the milk in to serving cup / glass.
Garnish with whipping cream and chocolate chips.
My kids had their favorite hot chocolate with their present favorite character's Steve from minecraft and the little toy from The Little Pets collection.


Srivalli said...

All these nutella drinks is making me go make one for myself right now..looks so decadent!

Gayathri Kumar said...

My daughter is also a nutella fan. This hot chocolate looks so yum..

kitchen queen said...

refreshing and yum hot chocolate.

Rajani S said...

The milkshake looks good.

Sarita said...

Nutella milk shake is too tempting.. Love it Sushma..

Sneha's Recipe said...

Super yummy drink.

Pavani said...

OMG, your Nutella hot chocolate looks so frothy and delicious.

cookingwithsapana said...

Hot chocolate looks tempting.

Chef Mireille said...

ooh - perfect milkshake

vaishali sabnani said...

I like the way you have presented, the layers look pretty and nUtella surely is a favourite with all.

Harini R said...

OMG! Such a sinful delight!

Sowmya :) said...

Yumm hot chocolate! So tempting.

Unknown said...

It is yummy. I loved it& highly recomend to try it.