Aloo Besan Curry ( Pitla) With Poori

Poori with Potato besan curry is one of  me and my Husband's favorite dish. This is one of the dish which you would definitely get in any restaurant in Andhra. This dish is usually served for breakfast. Tastes amazing when the curry is hot and puffed poori's are just made. 

I have posted this dish long time ago but wasn't satisfied with the pictures I have taken. Thanks to Valli's  Blogging Marathon Themes where you get to redo the old posts with new pictures. I have a bunch of posts where I need to change the pictures. So starting this weeks post with Aloo / Potato besan curry served with poori. This recipes goes to day 1 of week 4's theme "Redo old posts". Here goes the recipe.....

Ingredients for Besan Aloo Curry:

Besan 4 sps
Onion 1 large
Aloo 1 medium
Green chillies 2
Mustard seeds 1/2 sp
Cumin seeds 1/2 sp
Red chilli 1
Chana dal 1/2 sp
Salt to taste
Curry leaves 4
Haldi pinch
Oil 2 tbsp

Ingredients to make poori:

Wheat flour 2 cups
Water to make dough
Oil for deep frying


Add enough  water to wheat flour and make semi soft dough.
This dough should be little harder than the chapati dough.
Cover and set aside for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile lets make curry.
Heat pan and add 2 tbsp  oil.
Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, chana dal, curry leaves and  red chilies.
Saute for a minute  and add onions slices and slit green chilies.
Saute for few minutes and add potato pieces.
Fry for 2 minutes and add 1 cup water.
In a small bowl add 1/2 cup of  water and besan / gram flour and mix well.
Now add this besan water to boiling water in pan and mix well thoroughly so that no lumps are formed.
Cover with lid and cook further on low flame for 7-8 minutes.
Switch off flame and keep aside.

How to make poori:

In a large pan heat oil.
Divide dough into small lemon size balls and roll them to give a circular shape.
Fry these poori's in hot oil.
Gently press with spatula on top as soon as you add poori in oil, it helps in poori to puff up.
Turn around and cook on other side.
Remove and place them  on paper towel to remove excess oil
Serve hot with besan aloo curry which is also called Pitla.

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AvanthiRao said...

hey me too prepared d same for last night ........ lovely pooris

Rafeeda AR said...

That sounds delicious! I have been wanting to make some spinach pooris but wondering what new aloo curry to serve with, and this sounds just perfect!

Gayathri Kumar said...

Please pass me that platter. Poori and aloo masala is one of my favorite.

rajani said...

The recipe sounds similar to the Bombay chutney. I don’t add besan to the potato curry for poori, but I will try it soon.

vaishali sabnani said...

Wow ! Such a flavourful recipe and paired with Poori will make such a wonderful meal .

Srividhya said...

I love this combo. Hot pooris with the besan aloo curry, soooo yum.

Harini R said...

In our growing up years, pitla and puri was the preferred combo. You made it perfectly.

jayashree said...

Potato curry and puri makes a good combination, super tempting

Narmadha said...

I too make in same way. Lovely combo. Had it last week too. Your picture is so tempting

Narmadha said...

I too make in same way. Lovely combo. Had it last week too. Your picture is so tempting

Swati said...

Curries with besan are so rich and creamy and are a favourite in my house too. Love this combination with pooris.. hearty and filling meal.