Pulao / Biryani / Kichidi Festival

Stay tuned for an exciting month of Pulao / Biryani and Kichidi dishes. As you might already know me along with other bloggers are a part of Srivalli's Blogging Marathon. Its because of this group I am able to cook and post so many dishes. Thank you so much one and all. April and September being a month of Mega Marathon, I have always thought I would not be able to get the time to cook , as its non stop cooking and posting. But this month's theme was so tempting that I could not stop myself to participate and  try at least once. So here I am with  26 varieties of Pulao / Biryani and Kichidi recipes with Grains which I will be posting all April except Sundays. 

This theme is announced almost 6 months ago, as I haven't decided to participate until mid of March. It  was bit difficult for me to prepare the list and start cooking. But researching on for this theme, I have learnt that may be the dish has the same  name but the preparation varies from region to region. I am just done half way but am sure will be success in cooking and posting the recipes everyday. I cant thank my family with who's support this could not have been done. I hope I can participate in future Mega Marathon's too. So friends so check out for exciting dishes starting tomorrow.....

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