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Hello friends , 

September is here and we are ready with yet another month long Marathon with an amazing theme " Indian Sweets and Snacks". I will be posting 6 different Indian sweets in the first week, 6 different snacks from an Indian state for second  week, 6 different snacks of my choice for 3rd week, and 8 mandatory dishes which we all bloggers  will be posting with little variations for the 4th week. 

Kaja / Khaja is my mom's favorite and now my daughter's favorite too. My daughter have been asking me to make this sweet since a long time. So finally here I am  with this recipe of crunchy and juicy sweet for this month's Mega Marathon theme "Sweets and Snacks". 

Kaja / Khaja is a traditional sweet from Andhra which is crispy - layered sweet made with all purpose flour / maida and sugar. Kaja always reminds me of my Childhood.  We used to visit  our grandma during summer holidays and first thing my grand ma used to do is to get  these crispy and juicy kaja from the local sweet shop for us. We used to get these sweets in Hyderabad but they do not have the same taste and texture which we used to get in our village. Mom  used to get lot of these sweets to take back home in to relish them later and to distribute to out neighbors. So here goes the recipe for day 1.....


Maida / All purpose flour 2 cups
Butter / ghee 3/4 to 1 cup
Sugar 2 cups
Salt 1 pinch
Elachi powder 1/2 spoon
Oil for deep frying
Dry Maida  for dusting


In a mixing bowl add maida,salt and  melted butter or ghee and mix.
Now add water little at a time to make a semi stiff  dough.
Cover and set aside for 1 hour.
Divide the dough into 2 portions. 
Roll each portion  into thin chapati / roti.
We will be using lots of dry flour while rolling the chapati so that it wont stick to the rolling pin.
Roll slowly as shown in figure.

Every time you roll the chapati apply little dry flour.
Cut into 1/2 inch thickness pieces.
Gently press each piece from top to flatten the cut piece.
Heat oil in a deep frying pan.
Oil should be of moderate hot, not too hot.
Drop the cut kaja pieces in hot oil and cook till nice and golden brown.
Meanwhile lets make sugar syrup in  another deep pan.
Add sugar and 1 1/2 cup water.
Keep stirring till sugar dissolve.
Add elachi / cardamom powder and bring the syrup to 1 string consistency.

Once the kaja's have turned light golden color remove and transfer to the sugar syrup.
Leave the fried  kaja's in syrup for 10-15 minutes turning them in between so that they absorb the syrup.
Remove and  store in another air tight container.
These Kaja's are good for 10-15 days. 

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Srivalli said...

Excellent pick Sushma, love how nicely the kajas have turned out. This is our favorite too and Amma makes it so well!

Harini R said...

Wow! Sushma, these have come out beautifully. Would love to grab some off the screen :) Looking forward to the month long treats you will dish out.

Amara’s cooking said...

Hi Sushma, love the way your kajas turned out. It’s tedious work but hard work pays off when you look at those beautiful layers and juicy Kaja. My husband and son loves them too.

Narmadha said...

How lovely layers have come. You have made it perfect and looks so delicious.

Vaishali Sabnani said...

Wow !..the kajas have come out so the flaky texture and layers. The syrup dunked sweet might be sinful, but I would surely love to indulge into such a well made traditional sweet.

Suma Gandlur said...

An awesome sweet to kick off the marathon. The kajas have turned beautiful with those flaky layers.

Padmajha said...

Khaja looks so beautiful and I would love to have a few. Nice start to the marathon Sushma.