Rava Dhokla

Dhokla is a vegetarian dish that is mainly found in Gujarat, Rajasthan and adjacent  states. It is prepared with fermented batter made of rice and split chickpeas. Dhokla is served during breakfast, snack time, for main course or as a side dish. There are different kinds of Dhokla prepared with  different ingredients. The popular ones are khatta dhokla, cheese dhokla, rava dhokla, mixed dal dhokla, sandwich dhokla, Khaman dhokla etc....

Today I have a made Rava dhokla. It is so simple to make and a tasty and filling dish to have at any time of the day. This fluffy and soft dhokla tastes great with green chutney or any spicy chutney. Rava dhokla doesn't require any fermentation, it is instant and can be made within 45 minutes. This recipe goes to week 4 day 3 of Blogging Marathon 114 under the theme " Brighten your Breakfast".


Sooji / Semolina  1 cup
Curd 3/4 cup
Ginger & Green chili paste 1-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Sugar 1/2 tsp
Oil 2 tsps
Eno fruit salt 1/2 tsp

Ingredients for Tempering :

Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Sesame seeds 1 tsp
Green chili 4-5 slit 
Chopped cilantro 1/4 cup
Oil 1 tbsp
Water 3 tbsp


In a mixing bowl add semolina, ginger chili paste, sugar, salt, curd and oil.
Mix everything well and set aside for 15 minutes.
Heat presser cooker add 2 cups water.
Grease the plate or pan in which you are making dhokla.
Now add little water to the sooji mixture to make the batter as idly batter consistancy.
Add eno fruit salt and mix well.
Immediately add the mixture to the greased pan and place it in the cooker.
Cover and cook for 20-25 minutes.
We are just steaming the batter here, so whistle should not be used.
Switch off flame and let rest for 10 minutes before remolding the dhokla.

Meanwhile lets prepare tempering.
Heat oil add mustard seeds, sesame seeds, slit green chili.
Saute for few seconds and add water.
Let the water boil, switch off flame and add the tempering on the steamed dhokla.
Cut into cubes or diamonds and serve with green chutney.

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Srivalli said...

Rava Dhokla looks so delicious Sushma, such a healthy option and I love the different versions we can make.

rajani said...

Pictures look mouth watering, who can say no to a plate of dhokla!!