Tamalapaku Bajji / Paan Ke Pakoda

Betel leaf is traditionally served after Indian meals because it is believed to help digest food and act as a mouth freshener. For south Indians one of the most important puja items in Hindu rituals is betel leaf. It is a tradition to offer two betel leaves to the guests on every occasion, along with a betel nut and a fruit placed on a betel leaf and offered as a dakshina ( donation / fees ) for priests and elderly people. Betel leaves are full of Vitamin C, carotene and a great source of Calcium. These leaves are heart shaped and dark green in color. 

As a festival season started to us Indians, we end of using lot of betel leaves in the puja. These leaves can be used in cooking as well. One of my friend makes pakoda with these leaves and she  adds some chopped leaves in dal as well. I have also seen people extracting the juice of these leaves and adding to coconut ladoo to make a paan ladoo. 

This is the first time am using betel leaves in cooking and believe me they are so good for you and your family.  So lets get started  and make some Pakoda or Bajji with these leaves. A perfect and yummy snack for the monsoon season. This recipes goes to week 2, day 3 of Blogging Marathon 115 under the theme " Kids Delight - Monsoon Delights".


Pan leaves 5
Gram flour / Besan 1 cup
Rice flour 3 tsps
Salt to taste
Chili powder 1 tsp
Cumin powder 1/2 tsp
Oil for deep frying
Pinch of Bi-carbonate soda 
Onion 1 small
Lime 1


Sieve gram flour and rice flour together in a mixing bowl.
Add chili powder, cumin powder, carom seeds, 2 tsps hot oil and salt to taste
Mix everything well to make a smooth batter.
The consistancy of the batter  has to be that of idly batter not too thin not too thick.
Add bi carbonate soda and mix.
Cut the edges of pan leaf and make 3 equal size pieces with each leaf or the size of bajji you prefer.
Dip each leaf in the batter and drop 2-3 at a time in hot oil.
Fry till they turn nice golden brown.
Cut one small onion to thin slices and squeeze some lime juice in it. Mix well and set aside.
Serve hot bajji's  with sliced onion and a cup of tea.

Also sending this recipe to Srivalli's Kids delight event hosted by Kalyani for this month.


Srivalli said...

Ah thats a fantastic bajji Sushma, never tried with betal leaves.

Suma Gandlur said...

I have never cooked with betel leaves though I have seen various dishes made with it online. These bajjis are an interesting variation of fritters.

Harini R said...

Just the other day my cousin was asking what she could make with fresh betel leaves from her garden. I told her she could make bajjis (though I have never made them).And here you are with tamalapaku bajjis :) They look so tempting.

Sweet Tooth Raf said...

This is a very interesting pakoda with betel leaves... never heard of it, but looks quite delicious...