Aloo Carrot Kurma

We need:

Aloo/ Potato 2
Carrots 4
Baby onions 8
Onion large 2 medium
Grated coconut 1cup
Sesame seeds 2sps
Peanuts 1/4 cup
Tamrind juice/ pulp 2sps
Ginger garlic paste 1sp
Garam Masala 1sp
Haldi 1/4 sp
Salt to taste
Chilli powder 1sp
Curd/ Yogurt 2sps
Cilantro chopped 1/2 cup


Heat pan and add little oil, add sesame seeds 1 onion chopped, peanuts.
Fry them and grated coconut. Fry till coconut changes its color to brown.
Switch off flame and let it cool.
Now grind this with tamrind pulp and ginger garlic paste to smooth paste.
In a large pan heat oil and add chopped onions, fry for few mits and add the masala paste.
Cook till bubbles appear and add the cut veggies, aloo, carrot and baby onions.
You can use any type of veggies u want.
Add salt, haldi and chilli powder.
Mix well and add yogurt. Saute for some time and add 1 glass water.
Cook on medium flame till all the veggies are cooked and oil separates.
Garnish with cilantro and serve hot with any veg biryani, puri , naan , roti etc....


Bhagi said...

Looks gud aloo kurma...never thought of adding carrots to it....

Adelina said...

very interesting- I am already hungry!

Simplyfood said...

Kurma gravy looks yummy and creamy .

Simplyfood said...

My 1st visit here, you have anice collection of recipes.Following your blog.Do drop by