China Grass Sweet/ Agar Agar

We need:

China grass/ Agar Agar 1pkt
Sugar 2 cups
Water 4 cups
Milk 1 cup
Any dry fruits


China grass is usually found in chinese markets or chinese food section of any grossery store.
It looks like in the below picture.
In alarge sauce pan mix milk and water and bring it to boil.
Meanwhile cut the china grass to small pieces.
Take 1 cup of hot milk which is boiling in the sauce pan to another bowl.
Mix all the china grass which is cut to small pieces in to the 1 cup milk.
Let it set for 5 mits and grind it to smooth paste.
Now add sugar to the boiling milk on the stove.
Now add the paste also to the boiling milk.
Keep stiring.
If u want u can add the dry fruits of ur choice now it self.
Other wise u can add up later also.
Take 2 large plates or trays which had 1 inch depth.
Grease them with oil, ghee or melted butter.
Switch off flame when the mixture comes to boil.
Immediately transfer the mixture to the greased plates or trays.
If u have not added the dry fruits u can place them on the top after transfering the mixture to plates.
Let it set for 10mits and its done. Now u can cut it to pieces and let them rest for some time in the fridge.
Serve cold. Can be served with out dry fruits also.


Bhagi said...

Never heard of this sweet Sushma....nice idea to cut them into katli shape...looks nice

Anonymous said...

Is this like Bari found on streets of India?
I have been looking for its recipe but cannot find anything at all :(

Anonymous said...

very nice recipe. Can you tell me how many grams agar agar pkt.

smileysmita said...

may be 1 pack of china grass contains 10 gm.

smileysmita said...

i want to try...but which amount of china grass is needed?

Unknown said...

I am from Hyderabad.. Can you tell me where I can get this grass, I am able to get powder but could not find the china grass

sushma said...

Try in any Chinese store or where u get Chinese cuisine stuff.

Unknown said...

I bought it from ebay, it got delivered on the second day. Thanks

Unknown said...

Actually I got it from ebay. It got delivered on the second day. Can we make this jelly without milk?

sushma said...
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sushma said...

Of course u can.