Rose Milk with Basil seeds / Sabja seeds

Rose milk is the easiest summer drink made in minutes. This is a kids friendly milk shake made with rose syrup, basil seeds and cold milk. Yummy and delicious summer drink with lovely pink color. I must say girls will go crazy to drink this milkshake after seeing this nice and pleasant pink color. My daughter did love this drink seeing her favorite pink color and my son was kind of ok with it.

Sabja seeds are basically called as Tukumaria or sweet basil seeds are commonly used in falooda, sherbet and in many Indian drinks. IT is believed in India that these seeds help to beat the summer heat and keeping the body cool. These seeds resembles like Chia seeds, but far different from each other. These seeds are rich in fiber and vitamin K.

This recipe goes to the final week and final day of BM 64, under the theme " Summer coolers".


Rose Syrup 2 - 3 spoons
Milk 1 cup
Sabja seeds 2 spoons
Sugar 1 spoon( optional)
Ice cubes


In a bowl add sabja seeds in enough water and soak for about 30 minutes.
Strain the water and keep them aside.
Add rose syrup to milk and mix well.
As the rose syrup itself is sweet and adds sweetness to the milk.
Its optional if you like the milk more sweeter add sugar for extra sweetness.
Now add soaked  sabja seeds to milk and mix again.
Add ice cubes and stir it again.
Transfer to serving glass and serve chilled.

 My son did not like the rose milk with sabja seeds so plain rose milk for him.

Check to see what my fellow bloggers are cooking for BM 64.

Also sending this link to Srivalli's Kids delight event hosted by PJ for this month.


Usha said...

I have a bottle of roohafza I bought some time ago for a Malaysian drink and lately I am using it to make a milk shake. Sometimes I add almond powder to it. Sabja seeds sound perfect for hot days like today. Drink looks tempting with that lovely pink color.

Gayathri Kumar said...

This is my daughter's fav drink. And perfect for this scorching heat..

Srivalli said...

Such pretty looking drink! Must be so wonderful to indulge in this hot climate!

vaishali sabnani said...

Pretty looking summer drink..we make it very often but never thought of posting.

Priya Suresh said...

Pretty attractive rose milk, am in love with this incredible drink.

Varada's Kitchen said...

Pretty looking drink and so perfect for summer

Sarita said...

Drink looks super inviting! Love the color and nice set up.

cookingwithsapana said...

Rose milk with sabja seeds looks delicious and refreshing.

Sowmya :) said...

Adding Sabja seeds is a nice change...must try that

Pavani said...

Such a pretty looking drink. Like you said girls will go ga-ga for it.

Harini R said...

I loved rose milk as a child. I am yet to try this out now. Easy and inviting.

Unknown said...

If you guys love this make sure you guys check out !!