Nuvvula Ladoo / Til Gud Ka Ladoo / Sesame Ladoo

 Nuvvula ladoo or Til  gud ladoo is one of my favorite. My mom makes these ladoo for Nagula

 Chaviti which falls on 5th day after Naraka Chaturdasi. On this day people in Andhra Pradesh and

 Telengana worship Nagas or Snakes. Usually on this day women visit the nearest Snake pit or

 nagula putta and pray to Snake god. Women  pour some cow  milk into the snake pit and offer some

 fruits or naivedyam and perform pooja. They  also decorate the snake pit with flowers, haldi

 kumkum and lite a diya or deepam. 

Along with Nuvvula ladoo other naivedyam offered are Vadapappu and Chalimidi. Nuvvula ladoo is

 made  with just 2 ingredients and is very tasty and healthy. These ladoos are rich in Calcium and

 Iron. Its well and good if you have jaggery powder, go ahead and use it.  

This recipe goes to day 3 week 2 of BM 120 under the theme " All that can be rounds ".


Nuvvulu / Sesame seeds 2 cups

Bellam / Gud / Jaggery 1  cup

Warm milk 2-3 tbsp ( optional and if required )

Preparation :

On a very low flame dry roast sesame seeds till nice aroma comes.

Sprinkle very little water while roasting sesame so that  they nicely roast inside out.

Once the sesame seeds cool down completely grind it to a course powder, add small chunks of gud or

 jaggery and grind it again. 

Blend for a minute, remove and give it a stir. Blend again for a minute and transfer the mixture on to

 a  plate.

Make ladoo of your desired size and store in air tight container.


If you are unable to make ladoo add little water milk and mix well. You should be able to make ladoo


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Radha said...

This is one of favorite ladoo and I would be asking my mom often. This brings back memories. Thanks for the recipe. The ladoos looks perfect and delicious!

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Healthy and delicious til ladoos sushma! Love how simple and easy it is to make. Hearty snack!

Narmadha said...

Til ladoo looks so nutritious and healthy. So simple and easy to make.

Narmadha said...

Such a simple and healthy sesame ladoo. We can enjoy them guilt-free.