Quinoa Ven Pongal

Quinoa Ven Pongal is a replica of South Indian famous dish Ven pongal also known as Khara 

pongal. This is a quick, easy and helathy dish rich in protein and iron. This is a great breakfast dish

 for all ages, consider this recipe if you are on a low carb diet. 

Today we are starting with 4th week of blogging Marathon. For day 1 am here with a yummy  and

 healthy breakfast dish Quinoa Ven Pongal. This recipes goes to Day 1 under the theme " Kids

 Delight - Breakfast recipes ".


Quinoa 1 cup

Black pepper corns 1/2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Moong dal 1/4 cup

Cashew nuts 10

Curry leaves 6

Green chili 2 slit

Cumin seeds 1 tsp

Oil / ghee 2- 3 tbsp


Rinse quinoa 1-2 times and set aside.

In a sauce pan dry roast moong dal till nice aroma comes, now add rinsed quinoa and  4 cups water.

Cover and cook till nice and mushy. 

In a separate kadai or pan heat oil / ghee.

Add cashew nuts and saute till golden brown, now add cumin seeds, slit green chili, pepper corns and

 curry leaves.

Saute for a minute and add this tempering to the cooked quinoa and dal mixture. 

Mix well and serve hot.

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Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

That quinoa ven pongal looks amazing and this is the best ever recipe to make with quinoa. Healthier and a great option to swap rice and yet not compromise on flavors.

Radha said...

Pongal is always welcome in our home. I substitute rice with quinoa too and I make it exactly like your recipe. Delicious bowl of comfort and a perfect healthy breakfast.

rajani said...

Will definitely try this version Sushma!

Srivalli said...

This is surely a very healthy breakfast option. I have made dosas with quinoa, not tried pongal..will have to make it sometime.

Narmadha said...

Quinoa ven pongal looks too tempting and perfect replacement for pongal made with rice. Very fulfilling and healthy breakfast option