Cutting Chai ~ Mumbai Street Food

Cutting Chai typically means half a cup of tea. It is served in a special glass instead of cup. Every

 Nukkad  meaning tucked away street corner serves this cutting chai. Cutting chai is usually enjoyed

 with khari biscuits, biscuits or vada pav which is another popular street food of Mumbai. I have

 never got a chance to have cutting chai while I was in Mumbai but have heard a lot  about it.  It is a

 very simple and easy recipe which anyone can make it. Today I  will show you  how to make this

 flavorful tea at home. I have not found those typical glasses to serve tea so used the once which  I

 have at home.

This recipe goes to Week 2 Day 2 of Blogging Marathon 131 under the theme " Street Food



Tea powder 1 tbsp

Sugar 2 spoons / as required

Milk 3/4 cup

Water 1 cup

Grated ginger 1 tsp

Cardamom powder 1 tsp


Heat 1 cup water in a sauce pan along with grated ginger, tea powder and sugar.

Bring the water boil, add milk and bring it to boil again.

Once it starts to boil simmer the stove and let boil for another 2-3 minutes on low flame.

Just before  switching off the flame add freshly ground cardamom powder and mix.

Let boil for few seconds and switch off flame.

Now using a tea filter, filter the chai into glass to separate chai leaves.

Serve hot chai along with some biscuits.


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Srivalli said...

The pictures have come out so good Sushma, love the steam flying away!

Radha said...

Chai is always welcome in our home and your chai looks perfect in color and strength and sounds perfect in flavors too! Great pictures!

Harini R said...

This is how we make tea at home these days. I didn't know this is called Cutting chai :)

Rafeeda AR said...

I just had my chai, but just looking at yours, I am tempted to have more... Such an amazing click too...