Chikkudukaya Vepudu ~ Broad beans fry

Chikkudukaya is a kind of beans mostly found in Indian stores. They are of different types, some with seeds inside some without. Some are light green in color some dark and some purple too.  It tastes great if you cook with onions, tomatoes and some spices as a gravy curry or just stir fry with some chopped onions and spices. Today I have made this simple and delicious stir fry to go with rice or roti. This recipe goes to the 2nd day of week 4, Blogging Marathon 74 under the theme " Quick and Delicious Stir- Fries".


Broad beans / Chikkudukaya 1 lb
Onion 1 small
Green chili 2
Curry leaves 6
Salt to taste
Haldi / Turmeric powder 1/2 spoon
Kura Karam / garlic  chili powder 2 spoons


Trim the edges of the beans and wash.
Cut the beans into small pieces.
Heat oil in pan, add curry leaves, chopped onion and green chilies.
Saute till onions turn light golden brown.
Now add cut broad beans, salt and haldi.
Sprinkle some water and cook for 5 to 7 minutes with lid on.
Cook on medium heat.
Now add kura karam  and mix well.
Now reduce the heat and cook for another 10 minutes.
Serve hot with rice as a side dish or with roti.

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Priya Suresh said...

One of my favourite stir fry, just prefect to enjoy with a bowl of curd rice.

Sarita said...

Nice simple chikkudukaya vepudu.. looks yummy.

Pavani said...

That is such a delicious chikkudukaya kura. Yummy!!

Srivalli said...

That's a regular one on our table, we enjoy this so much!

Unknown said...

very simple stir fry. Would be a good accompaniment to Rotis

Srividhya said...

Perfect pair for rice and charu. :-)